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SLIMPANT™ : Sculpt & Lift Sleep Leggings

SLIMPANT™ : Sculpt & Lift Sleep Leggings

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Want to actually lose that extra flab on your midsection and thighs without the burden of a workout session? Try on a pair of these Sculpt & Lift Sleep Leggings and you’ll never have to worry about sweating it out anymore!

Made of extra-soft cotton, the 3D cutting curve leggings slim & sculpt your legs using a point-to-point pressure system.

It is comfortable enough to relieve your legs from swelling and return to its slim perfect shape.

The octagonal mesh applies graduated compression to improve blood & lymph circulation, which tones legs and burn fat as you sleep. 

It provides maximum pressure from the ankle, gradually move up along the leg to the knee. Ideal for people who need to stand or sit for long hours (e.g. long-haul flight or office work). The Special Designed Compression also relieves the symptoms of Varicose Veins.

✅Slim & Tone
✅Fat Buster



  • Burn Calories to Slim & tone your legs as you sleep
  • Reduces Swelling & symptoms of Varicose Veins
  • Provides Optimum Pressure Distribution on different parts of the leg
  • Significant hip lifting & leg shaping effect
  • Stretchy, Lightweight & Breathable Material for comfortable wearing
  • Anti-piling & hooking Hard Wearing material 


    • Material: Nylon, Polyurethane, Cotton
    • SIZE:
    M 63.5-67.5cm / 25"-26,5"
    68.5-72.5cm/ 27"-28.5"
    L 67-72.5cm / 26.5"-28.5" 72.5-77.5cm/ 28,5"-30.5"
    72.5-77.5cm / 28,5"-30.5"
    77.5-82.5cm / 30.5"-32.5"
    77.5-82.5cm / 30.5"-32.5"
    82.5-87.5cm / 32.5"-34.5"


    • 1pc x Sculpt & Lift Sleep Leggings